College Facilities

Lecture Rooms
Our lecture rooms are some of the best amongst colleges in the city, airy and bright.

Conference Room

The conference room has Audio €“ Visual facilities. Educational movies are often screened in this room. Besides, guest speakers when invited are given this room as it is convenient to have Power Point Presentations.


The college has laboratories for Physics, Biology and Chemistry, Geology for our senior College students.
We also have fully air conditioned Computer Laboratory for students who require the facility for their course content.

Sant Shiromani Namdeo Maharaj Auditorium
The Auditorium is the best equipped college auditorium in the city. This hi-tech auditorium with seating capacity of 1000, provides our students with the best sound, lighting and technical facilities.


The revamped college canteen provides tea, coffee, soft drinks and various snacks. Quality and prices are subject to constant scrutiny. The canteen remains open during the time specified by the Principal.



€˜Reading serves for delight, for ornament, for ability. The crafty condemn it, the simple admire it, the wise use it. €™
The library is the nerve centre of all the academic activities in the college. It provides a place in which to study, material for study and services to assist study. Its facilities exist solely to cater to the needs of the academic community of the college.


Common Room


We have separate common rooms for boys and girls where they can relax, catch up with notes and friends. Remarkable Achievements of the College


Botanical Garden

The college has a well maintained and beautiful botanical garden with a variety of plants.

Cycle Stand

Students shall have to park their bicycles/two wheelers at the place allotted for this purpose, failing which they will be penalized.


Hostel Facilities

With the financial assistance of UGC a women €™s hostel is constructed and soon the admissions of the girl €™s students will be started. The capacity of the hostel is 60 students.

Network Resources Centre (NRC)

The college has a full-fledged Network Resource Centre (NRC) with computers and internet facility. All the stake holders should take advantage of this facility. We have all total 100 computers for the facilities of the students. Our students perfectly use the computers, the internet facilities & INFLIBINET. For details contact the librarian Dr. Shirkey Mam.

Students' Co-operative Stores

The college runs a Co-operative Stores to meet the stationery needs of students. Purchasing practical record books from the co-operative stores is compulsory. Each student has to become a nominal member of the co-operative stores on payment of the prescribed fee.


Students' Insurance

An Insurance Scheme against accidents is run in the college. The insurance is for one year, and is renewed every year. All students are compulsorily required to be registered under this scheme and to pay the premium. Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati has been running this scheme.


Student Grievance Redressal Cell

A students grievance redressal cell takes care of general grievances of students. For details contact prof.Anuj Dhabaliya of Commerce Department.


Suggestion Box

A suggestion box is placed near the office of the Principal. The students should use this for giving positive suggestions & avoid personalized comments/remarks.


Health Centre

We have been equipped health centre for the healthcare of the students .students regularly workout there. Prof. Ajit Bhise is the in-charge of the health centre.

Meditation Hall

Swami Vivekananda study centre has established the ultimate creation of meditation hall where students and teachers go for meditation.

Language Lab

For effective learning of the students the dept. Of English established the language lab where students regularly get contact with the effective learning of English language. The software name is Orell & the in-charge of the lab. is Dr. Atul Sarode.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool of the college is also under construction. Its just 2 kms. away from college campus. It €™s a unique facility provided by our college as per concern to the university level. Our college is the only one institution which is providing such facility. It €™s a landmark to our college. The capacity of tank is 175000 liters.


For the medicinal assistance 2 ambulance have been serving in Chandur Bazar in the memory of Late Sanjay Tompe and Late Sameer Deshmukh.


Camera (CCTV)

The college has a good web of CCTV cameras. It helps for the supervision of the college activities.


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