Department of Political Science

Year of Establishment       :           1968
Names of Programmes     :           UG-B.A.


Dr. Prashant Divakar Satpute


Asst. Professor


M.A. (Pol.Sci) M.Phil., Ph.D.


10 Year

Area of Research

Indian Politics

Mobile No.



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Details of Infrastructural facilities

a) Library                                             :           Central Library
b) Internet facilities for Staff & Students  :          Available at computer Lab & at Library
c) Class rooms with ICT facility               :           Institutions have one classroom with ICT facility, which is use by Dept. as per requirement.
d) Laboratories                                    :           NA

  1. Teaching methods adopted to improve student learning   :  The Faculty use the modern Teaching methods like PowerPoint presentation & Chart. He is using the modern Teaching aids for effective Teaching and prepares his lectures on Power Point presentation by downloading pictures and illustrations from internet.
  2. Participation in Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR) and Extension activities:-Dr. Prashant D. Satpute participated in co-curricular, extra-curricular and    social activities and worked for organizing committee (conferences, Workshop etc.)
  3. Best Practice:
  4. Paper Cutting
  5. Seminar Presentation
  6. Social Awareness Programme
  7. Events & Announcements :
  8. Constitution of Study Club 17 August 2019
  9. Constitution Day 26 November 2019
  10. Inauguration of Study Club
  11. Guest Lecture
  12. Collaboration & Consultancy     :  Nil
  13. Book Published                        :  Nil
  14. Events Attended                      :  Nil
  15. Paper Presentation                   : 14

Academic Calendar 2018-2019
Department of Political Science
1st Session:- 14th June 2018 to  3rd November 2018.





1st Meeting of Department.

Probable Points to cover in 1st Meeting :
Last Academic Session Result,
Current year Teaching Plan, Admission Process, Syllabus of Subjects, etc.

2nd Week of June.

Teaching Commence.

Admission process

Last Week of June

Opening of Students Society/Forums.

Bridge Course          

4thWeek of July.


1st Unit-Test.

Bifurcations of slow learner- fast learner students after evaluation of 1st Unit- Test.

1st   Week of August.

2nd Unit-Test.


Last Week of August or
1st Week of September.

Guest Lectures arrangement.

Topic Selection for the guest lecture/ Planning of Students Society/Forums.

2nd week of   September.


2nd Meeting of Department.

List of slow learner students,
Evaluation of 1st Session work, Remedial Classes.

Before winter Vacation.

Winter Vacation – 5th November  2018 to 24th November 2018

2nd Session :-  26th November 2018  to  27th April 2019.




3rd  Unit-Test.

Arrange seminar, group discussion etc.

Last Week of November.

4th  Unit-Test.


4thWeek of  Dec.

Remedial Classes.

Remedial Classes of Selected students.

Month of January

Common Test.

Arrange Common Guidance For Uni.Exams/ Submission Of the practical records& Assignment

2nd Week of February.

Evaluation of Common Test record

Viva Voce Examination of University

3rd Week of February.

Viva Voce Exam.

Viva Voce Examination of University

2nd Week of March.

3rd  Meeting of Department.

Submission of Unit-Test, Common Test Record, Annual Report of Department to Principal & IQAC.

4th Week of March.

Valuation of University Exam.


As per University Instructions.

Last meeting of Department.

Over all Yearly Performance & Next Academic Session Planning.

Last week of April.

Summer Vacation – 29th April 2019 to 8th June 2019.

Principal -  (Dr. Rajendra S. Ramteke)
H.O.D. - Dr. Prashant D. Satpute