Vision and Mission

Vision :-
“To provide educational opportunities to the rural students of our area and illuminate the lives of the students with the divine boon of knowledge to make their careers to eradicate the darkness of their lives.”

Mission :-
“To provide quality education to all sections of the rural society, strive to bring the students of rural area into the mainstream and cope up with the upcoming adversaries of their lives. Simultaneously they must help the nation in her pursuits of development.”

Our Objectives

The college was founded with the objective of providing quality education to the students, creating employment opportunities, providing community service, overall personality development and respect for the environment.


Keeping in view the mission set by the ‘G.S. Tompe College Sarvajanik Trust’ and the scenario of higher education at various levels, founder members have envisaged following set of the generalized and specific goals for the College. The college aspires to provide conducive and skill-based academic atmosphere for the pursuit of excellence in higher education in the field of humanities and science and technology.

  • To impart qualitative and valuable service in the field of education to the students of nearby villages.
  • To promote intellectual and cultural development of the society.
  • To aim at overall personality development of the students apart from educational activities through curricular, extra-curricular activities in association with various social and cultural organizations.
  • To provide various platforms to the students to utilize their potential in various fields of the competent world.
  • To improve the educational ability among the students.
  • To provide financial and medical support.
  • To provide value-based and job oriented education.